Wonderful Trip to Turkey!

From: Michele GillGill - Copy
Sent: Friday, 22 November 2013 2:00 AM
Subject: Up, up and away
Hi All,
What an amazing experience, up at 4.30 and 1 degree to go hot air ballooning over the landscape of Cappadocia. You felt like you were flying, it was very smooth and very peaceful flying over and looking at the sights, a real highlight of the trip.
We didn’t feel the cold as we were well padded with clothes. We were up for an hour and when we landed we landed on a trailer connected to the back of a 4 wheel drive. They try to land on the trailer because it’s easier for them, rather than having to lift the basket onto the trailer. There were over 50 balloons up in the sky, a lovely sight. Now that’s off the bucket list!!!!
Last night we went to a whirling Dervish ceremony, it is very interesting when you know the story behind the religion of the Dervish. It was really wonderful.
Tomorrow we are off to Ankara, the capital of Turkey, it all seems to have gone so fast. Turkey is such a beautiful country, totally different to what I was expecting. It is very clean, no graffiti and great roads. Our guide, driver, assistant and bus are great, although yesterday we spent some time in the Mercedes service centre having a new batter put into the bus, all part of travelling!!!
Love to you all,
Michelle Gill
To: Kazim Sertturk
Subject: Guide – Recep Karapinar
To whom it may concern,
Gill Group – 11-25 November 2013
Touchdown Tours
On departing from your tour I filled out the appraisal form provided by you.
However, on reflection, that does not adequately convey to you how impressed I was with the tour of Turkey under the guidance of Recep Karapinar.
I have experienced guided tours in the Middle East, Europe, Russia, Asia, China, India, America, Central America, Canada and New Zealand.
Each tour has it’s own uniqueness and level of input from the staff.
The Turkey tour stood out on it’s own.
Recep’s professionalism meant that we could rely on him to take care of us – To inform, meet our physical needs with appropriate stops, deal with the unexpected and to see Turkey whilst having fun.
Recep was thoughtful, approachable, very knowledgeable and good company.
When I return to Turkey to do another tour I will request that Recep is our guide.
With much appreciation,
Yours Sincerely,
Marjorie Heinzmann
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