More Feedback from the Tenedos Group

IMG-20140731-WA000-1Once again, Touchdown Tours has received some fantastic feedback that all has gone well with the Tenedos group as they bid their farewells and return back to Melbourne.

Below is the feedback Jaqui received from our ground operator…

This is the photo I received while they are saying goodbye to Turkey today. Later today I talked in person with Mr. Galatas and he confirmed everyone was sailing and already on board the cruise. 

He told me that everyone was crying while the guide arrived in Tenedos, and they cried while they saw the same guide, who joined them for the rest of their journey. The owner of the Tenedos Island Hotel became their friend while they stayed at their and  he joined them for most of their time in Tenedos, as the group enjoyed his company.”

Touchdown Tours is glad to hear that everything has gone well for the group and they had a memorable time throughout Turkey and Greece.

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