Majestic Mountains


Bait Na'aman-01Departures:  Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Duration: Full day

Our first stop is at the 300-year-old fort, Bait Na’aman. It’s a beautiful country house, which has been restored and furnished. At this fort, it is seen how traditionally the Imam and his family lived. The castle has reinstated all the time-honored artefacts such as Khanjars, artillery, jewellery and the chinaware. Proceed to Al Awabi and take the turn off to Wadi Bani Auf. This is a very unique drive through the sedimentary mountains.

For those inclined there is a wonderful canyon to explore on foot. The route through the mountains is dramatic. Bilad Sayt  is one of Oman’s most quaint villages with an old world appeal.

Explore this tranquil village on foot with its patchwork of terrace farming and traditional houses laid out against the rocky slopes. Enjoy a picnic lunch here. After the visit to the village proceed to the Snake Gorge  where one can enjoy a short walk (weather permitting). Proceed to Wadi Sahtan where one gets to meet the beekeepers. View the beautifully carved door at the Al Hazm Fort before returning to Muscat. (Picnic lunch included)

How to Book

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