VIP Client Function November 2013

tonyk 2013 nov 030 rsVIP Client Function November 2013

On Tuesday 19 November 2013 Touchdown Tours hosted its annual VIP Client function. The evening was a great success and we hope you enjoy some photos as well as an exert from Jaqui’s speech.

“Firstly, thank you all for taking the time to come and join us this evening.  For those who may not know me, I am the director of Touchdown Tours, my name is Jaqui Preketes.

tonyk 2013 nov 015 rsWe hold this event each year for two reasons.  The first is to honour the memory of my father, Arthur Preketes, who founded the company 22 years ago back in 1991, and to remember the legacy of professionalism and business integrity which he brought with him.

tonyk 2013 nov 027 rsThe second is to celebrate with those of you who help us to continue our success, because it is you who place your trust in us to give you the right advice, to make suggestions for accommodation when you are travelling to a foreign country, to share with you our knowledge of the cultures that you will be living in for that brief time whilst you are away.  And in this way, it is you who continue to help us build Touchdown Tours into the strong organization that it is today.

Similarly, it is important for us to maintain our promise to you of high service standards, and for us to keep up with market trends, with Foreign Affairs information and the like, and if we don’t immediately know the answers, to use all our contacts to get the right information for you.tonyk 2013 nov 028 rs

So, with that, I’d like to introduce you to those who make up Touchdown Tours, and those who strive for to give you the experience of easy and joyful travels.

I’d like to start with the newest member of our team, Joanna Paxinos – BDM.  When Jo and I first started talking about the role and the possibility of her working here, I noticed she just wouldn’t stop asking me questions.  To the point that I sat back at one point and thought “This girl is interviewing ME for the position!” But I liked that, because to me it spoke volumes about her own personal integrity, and her desire to work for a company that reflects her professional work ethic – and that reflects in her work.  It is an absolute pleasure to have you on board with us Jo.

tonyk 2013 nov 025 rsNext is our Senior Consultant, Katerina Dzvezdakoska.
Katerina has been with us for 3 years now, and her nickname is “The Quiet Achiever”
She has got to be one of the most reliable and dependable staff members I have ever had the privilege of working with.  She is also our expert in the Blakan region – Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, but has a good sound knowledge of Greece, Turkey & Arabia as well.  Thank you Katerina.

We then have our Turkish Delight – Yeliz Pekin, nicknamed “Yiannoula” because what else do you call a Turkish girl working for a Greek!  Yeliz is our Turkey expert and creates the most unique itineraries I have ever seen.  It is wonderful to work with you Yeliz, thank you for being a great addition to our team.tonyk 2013 nov 024 rs

Our Greek experts, well, these two will be introduced together :  Vasili Samolis and Demie Kouppa.
Romance brought Vasili from Greece to Australia two years ago, and he joined our team to help with the Greek Family Market.  Demie has recently moved from Cyprus to Melbourne, and has been with us a whole two weeks!  So, please make her feel welcome!tonyk 2013 nov 020 rs

In Administration, and the lady who puts these functions together – an absolute gem of a person to work with, I’d like to introduce you to Sheryl Heard.  Sheryl’s nickname is “GPS” – so, if you’re ever lost or unsure how to get from A – B, call Touchdown Tours and ask for Sheryl.  She closes her eyes and goes into a kind of trance, and then she gives you the shortest route, with and without tolls!  She’s the best Admin Assistant I could ever hope for – Sheryl Heard.tonyk 2013 nov 023 rs

Finally, there is one member of the Touchdown Tours Team that is rarely recognized.  Most people do not even know she is there, but she is the first one there every day, and the last one to leave.  She keeps the company financially afloat, and she most definitely keeps all of us on our toes – including me –  Nicknamed “The General” I’d like to introduce the most beloved member of our team, my mother, and Director of Finance – Lizetta Preketes.tonyk 2013 nov 022 rs

On a personal note, I’d like to extend a heart-felt “Thank You” to all my staff – you truly do make it a pleasure to come to the office every day.

And, a sincere “Thank You” to all of you here tonight.  You are selected amongst many as our most highly valued clients.  Thank you for your continuous support of Touchdown Tours, and although I am personally stepping back from Reservations now in order to focus on growing and directing the business, I am always here to talk to you, to email, to chat with you, to catch up for coffee – THANK YOU.”




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