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Mrs Nowak Greece 2013

Good afternoon Vasilis and Jaqui,

Hoping you are both well. I am back from my holiday and enjoyed Greece and loved Cyprus. Thank you for booking the Alion Beach Hotel at Ayia Napa for me, it was wonderful and I would not hesitate to re book again the next time.

Jaqui, thank you again for organizing a hotel rate for me. I really appreciate it.

Vasilis, I have also spoken to my clients Diana Nowak. If you remember, travel to Greece/Skiathos/Skopelos/Santorini.

My clients enjoyed their holiday, everything went well and they loved the Adriana Hotel at Skopelos and The Phillipos Hotel at Athens. The only negative feedback they gave me is, don’t book Mythos Studios at Skiathos. Staff not friendly or helpful and the room not attractive. We are not complaining, the clients just want to ensure you do not book this hotel for anyone else.

Diana also mentioned the transfers were excellent. Overall, a wonderful holiday.

Thank you for your hard work for this booking.  Excellent work!

We will continue to work together and I look forward to a long and successful business relationship, between Impact Travel and Touchdown Tours.

Warm Regards Koula.

Koula Kolokathis

Senior Consultant Impact Organisation – Travel

Hello Koula,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write to us and let us know about your great personal experience in Cyprus.  I am really delighted you had such a good time! 

Thank you also for sending the feedback from the Nowak family’s trip to Greece, and particularly the Mythos Studios in Skiathos.  It is really very kind of Mrs. Nowak to make the effort to let us know, particularly as it may impact the experience of our future clients.  We very much appreciate that. 

It is true that, it can be hard to find good service on the less-touristy islands such as Skopelos, because they are a little secluded, so not used to overseas guests!  Nonetheless, I am so grateful for all feedback, and really delighted to know all transfers and all other services were spot on.

Please feel free to call me personally any time, and thank you ever so much for copying me in on correspondence.  Anything else that you and your colleagues may require, we are always at your service.

With kindest regards,

Jaqui Preketes 

Managing Director

Touchdown Tours 



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