AtenasDepartures: All year round

Duration: Full day – Seat in Coach, Small Group or Private Tour available. Includes lunch

Meet at our meeting point in Athens.  En route to Delphi, travel via the city of Theva, birthplace of King Oedipus and Levadia before arriving at ancient Delphi, known in ancient times as the navel of the world. Pass Castalia Springs, visit at the archaeological site and view the monument of the Argive Kings, the treasury of the Athenians, the Athenian Stoa, the Polygonal Wall, the monument of Platea and the Temple of Apollo.

Visit the Delphi museum, with its spectacular exhibits including the frieze of the Treasury of the Sifnians, the Naxian Sphinx, the Statue of Antinoos and the famous Bronze Charioteer.

After lunch, return to Athens via the picturesque mountain village of Arachova, built on the slopes of Mt. Parnassus, well known for its attractive hand-woven carpets, rugs and quilts, as well as for its wine and cheese (short stop).

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