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The Hashemite kingdom of Jordan, is a young country, dense with history, a well-travelled bridge between sea and desert, east and west. Above the layers of antiquity lies a land of mesmerising beauty and contrast: the jordan valley, fertile, ever changing, and remote desert canyons, immense and still. There are splendid castles and hunting lodges, the haunting wilderness of wadi rum, red sea coral reeds and restful spas. Here, too, are monuments from every age of humanity, crowned by the rock carved city of petra, an unesco world heritage site. More info >




For the culturally inquisitive, Iran offers a feast of ancient sights, a rich culture, varied landscapes, splendid cuisine and very hospitable people. The Persian Kingdom was one of the great powers of the ancient world, and its magnificence can still be seen in palaces and rock carvings dating back over 2500 years. Iran is fascinating, with old cities packed with exquisite mosques and spectacular madrassas, some of the most wonderful examples of Islamic architecture in the world. Ruins from ancient Persia, nomadic tribes, hill walking, skiing and surreal Caspian Sea beach resorts will take your breath away.

Iran is a country of dramatic contrasts, its scenery ranging from snow-clad mountains to vast, inhospitable deserts punctuated by attractive oasis towns. Its cities and ancient sites reveal a deep and rich history. Some of the most exquisite examples of Middle Eastern design and architecture are to be found here, including the magnificent ruins of Persepolis, the dazzling Islamic centres at Isfahan and Shiraz and beautifully-crafted gardens set in desert landscape. The rich bazaars and the ancient tradition of hospitality never fail to impress visitors, and whilst politically, Iran is known in the west for its conservative leanings, life on the street will surprise you. Without exception, visitors to this fascinating land have all returned overwhelmed by the genuine warmth, friendliness and hospitality of Iranian people. We welcome you to experience the Pearl of Persia with Touchdown Tours. More info >



Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the exotic kasbahs, the traditional riads and the spice-filled bazaars of Morocco. Marvel at the beautiful gorges and experience the romance of brilliant starlight desert nights at an oasis in the heart of the sand dunes on our Moroccan desert tours.

From the capital city Rabat, to the outer towns of Fez, Casablanca and Marrakech, Morocco will leave you breathless with its rich culture and history which has been magnificently well-preserved by the house-proud locals. Despite the triumph of tourism here, Morocco still feels like a different world with untouched landscapes, ancient cities,
centuries-old customs and an inescapable air of authenticity. Watching jugglers in the medina of Marrakech, climbing the dunes of the hot Sahara Desert or absorbing the otherworldly beauty of the Atlas Mountains, a journey to Morocco is a journey never to be forgotten. More info >




Cairo is the capital of Egypt and the largest city in Africa. It literally teems with life 24 hours a day Cairo is where all the exciting elements of Africa, the Orient and the sophistication of Europe blend harmoniously. A visit to the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities is a must when travelling to Egypt. It houses the finest artifacts, including the treasures of Tut Ankhamun and the Pharaohs, as well as Islamic and Byzantine art and sculpture. One of the most spectacular features is the Hall of Mummies, where you will find each one identified and accompanied by a brief history. No visit to Egypt would be complete without a visit to the world-famous Pyramids and the ancient Sphinx. The Pyramids were built to preserve the bodies of the dead kings, because the ancient Egyptians believed in their immortality. The silent Sphinx sits waiting patiently, watching and waiting for someone to solve its mysterious riddle. More Egyptian landmarks, the Mosques of Mohamed Ali and Suliman were built in the Byzantine style and have magnificent views of the city of Cairo. And, Saladin’s Citadel in the Mokhattam Hills is a great place to view the “city that never sleeps”, as it stretches out in every direction. More info >



Tunisia is a hospitable land of colors and contrasts, spices and scents invites you to enjoy its natural beauty, ancient cities, lively festivals and warm friendliness of its people.

Tunisia is one of the oldest countries in the Mediterranean. Tunisia a vibrant multicoloured country where the peace and quiet cannot hide a vital love of life. Roman and punic archaeological sites can be visited in carthage and other historical areas around the country. They include second century roman temple in dougga, the phoenician port of utica, sbeitla’s roman temples and arches, bulla regia’s roman villas and el jem’s coliseum, which is second only to rome. The bardo museum, near Tunis, boasts the largest collection of roman mosaics in the world. More info >



With our strong commitment to peace and cultural understanding, we invite you to explore Palestine, where Christianity, Judaism and Islam all took seed.

East Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Ramallah, and Jericho, all rich in religious and historical significance, will only enhance your experience of the Middle East, and help you to broaden your heart and mind to religious tolerance. Our Peace Tours to Palestine & Israel are intended to bring a sense of understanding of both cultures, both religions, both peoples, both nations. Whilst it may seem unconventional to promote Palestine in a travel brochure, Touchdown Tours will continue to strive for harmony in our world, by giving our clients the opportunity to become an ambassador of peace upon their return, sharing experiences with family and friends. We welcome you to contact us should you like to create a small group experience for yourself or your educational institution. More info >

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