Established in 1991 by my father, Arthur Preketes, I suppose it was always inevitable that I would dive into the world of travel, and glorious experiences it gives.  My father always used to say to me “When a client books with Touchdown Tours, they are not just booking a holiday; they are booking an experience.” And that is the spirit in which I, his daughter, now continue run the company.

It is our deep love for the nations we represent, for their peoples, their culture and their heritage of which we want you to become a part.  It is our firm belief that travel has a greater purpose than simply relaxation, which is, of course, an important aspect of our lives.  We recognise travel as an avenue to open hearts, open minds, and create experiences that will profoundly touch your very soul.  Combining that with relaxation, you have an experience that will remain in your living memory forever!

Touchdown Tours specialise in creating authentic, small-group tours, tailored to exceed your most wonderous imaginings.  We have created itineraries for family reunions on the Nile, weddings in Santorini, and cooking tours with bedouins in the Arabian Desert.  Your love is our passion, and we are confident we can make it happen with the sophisticated elegance you have come to expect of our dedicated consultants.

I thank you for browsing our website, and I encourage you to sign up for our monthly newsletters, bringing you closer to the passion for travel which ignite in us both.

- Jaqui Preketes

Managing Director

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